Leveraging nature's solutions to build a sustainable future
The current decade will redefine how manufacturing is done. With growing consumer awareness, there is a shift in the marketplace towards more natural, safer and sustainable solutions. We believe that biology has already evolved such solutions. At String, we leverage the power of biology to bring to market a wide range of products ranging from packaging to dyes to address this consumer shift.


The present cosmetic industry is going through a radical change. A more mindful customer, stringent regulations and a massively taxed environment is propelling this move forward. The $500 billion industry employs age-old production practices and unsustainable methods which churn out ingredients that put the consumers and the planet health at risk. Among these 70,000 chemically synthesized ingredients, an estimate of 900 is indicated to be toxic. From potential carcinogens to agents which cause birth defects, from coral reef damage to micro plastics in the ocean, these products encompass a multitude of hazardous material. The industry is now marking a marked shift away from this to ingredients with superior performance and sustainability index. We at String, are leveraging our technology platform to turn methane, a potent greenhouse gas into better sourced products for the cosmetic sector. From wide-ranging functional peptides to diverse chemical moieties we are enabling ingredients with optimal performance and improved carbon footprint.


A big ask for the scientific community over the next decade will be to deliver packaging solutions that offer the performance comforts that today’s society is used to but with significantly lowered environmental toll and at right economics.

String is working on this challenge and leveraging its platform to develop robust monomer molecules that can solve for this. Organic acids and and alkanoates are applicable in a wide range of industries but also offer a foundation to develop polymers that are biodegradable and functional. Our differentiation is the fermentation and biology expertise that can help solve for scale and economics.