String's vision is to build a world where cleaner and better ways of living are enabled by biotechnology

String’s founding ethos is that biology can perform interesting and varied chemistries that when fully leveraged present simple solutions to complex problems. Our mission is to innovate at the cutting edge of biology, engineering, and chemistry to enable sustainable and scalable solutions that are fundamental to living. String is driven by a strong vision to leverage nature's solutions to solve some of mankind's pressing challenges with regards to food, feed, health, environment and everyday living.

Pursuing this vision, we are a motley crew of innovators, thinkers and implementers who over the last few years have brainstormed, fretted, fumed, argued, discussed, aha'd, tried and tried some more, broken it down, built it up, solved and succeeded in developing a powerful technology platform and a robust product portfolio.

Our work continues as we build on the foundational platform and commercialize next generation ingredients that address fundamental challenges in society.



We are a dynamic team and we hold our values deep. Here’s what drives our work.

  • We believe creativity is driven more by the synergy of great minds and less by the abundance of resources.
  • We believe great innovations are motivated by nature.
  • We believe in the simplicity of our solutions.
  • We believe passion makes work play.
  • We believe in a cleaner tomorrow.



Our impacts are in:

  • Leveraging the carbon in greenhouse gases to build strong value chains.
  • Enabling localized manufacturing that provide economically competitive alternatives. 
  • Enabling safe, organic and natural alternatives.
  • Enabling inherent circularity in living.



We make next generation ingredients to enable sustainability and traceability in evolving value chains.